Vendors must keep merchandise out of aisles at all times
Poles, stands, awnings, and EZ-Ups may be used during the weekend, provided they are  secured to the ground with metal footpads
      Swap Meet General Policy
  1. All vendors must leave their spaces clean or a fee will be charged. Take all items gerated from your business with you. DO NOT LEAVE TRASH.
  2. Vendor's possessions must remain in boundaries of their paid space. Vendors will be charged for each space occupied.
  3. All tickets are non-transferable.
  4. Pets shall be kept within the vendor's paid space and out of reach of the public.
  5. No animals are to be walked within the Swap Meet.
  6. No games of chance are allowed.
  7. Bicycle riding in the Swap Meet is not allowed.
  8. The speed limit in the Swap Meet is 5 mph. Pedestrians have the right of way.
  9. Sounds or smells which impair a vendor's ability to operate will not be allowed.
  10. Open fires are not permitted on Swap  grounds.
  11. Pornographic pictures or profanity shall not be openly displayed to the public.
  12. No soliciting or distribution of advertising materials or merchandise outside of paid space.
  13. Homemade food items, beverages, firearms, throwing stars, blow guns, snapcaps, smoking paraphernalia, stink bombs, or any fireworks, shall not be distributed on property.
  14. No weapons (knives,crossbows, etc.) can be distributed to minors, unless parent or legal guardian gives consent and is present during time of sale.
  15. Payment for non-reserved space rent is on a cash basis. Vendors must be prepared to pay for space rent upon entering the Swap Meet.
  16. Rental of a non-reserved space and the payment of the new reservedspace are on a first come, first served basis.
  17. No animals, including birds and reptiles, shall be sold, given away, or otherwise transferred on or from any public street, roadway, right of way, sidewalk, park or swap meet.
  18. Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on Swap Meet grounds, except for beer purchased at the beer stand. Beer purchased at the Swap Meet may not be removed from the buying/selling area, nor consumed in the parking lot.
  19. No firearms are allowed to be carried or sold on Swap Meet grounds.
  20. A vendor shall be responsible and held liable for any damages on or to the property due to the vendor's negligence or unsafe practices.
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